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We are Vitalis Consulting. The leading International Consultancy Company in the Construction and Real Estate sector. Our motto, “Building Trust”, states our deepest and most valued commitment to our Clients: to provide them with confidence, while delivering professional, end-to-end solutions to their construction projects.

Our key role in every project’s morphology is acting as the dynamic link between the Beneficiary, the suppliers, professional consultants, and third parties such as local authorities, NGOs, and the public.

Our aim: successful completion of any project: in-time, on budget, and exceeding expectations!



Florin Popa
Owner Vitalis Consulting

18+ years of experience
400 clients
5 500 000 square meters
3 bln. € total value

Building Trust in Projects and Partnerships


Established in 2006, Vitalis Consulting has been an active player in the construction market through its most significant development phases, acting as a solid partner to reputable real estate investors and developers, local authorities, as well as distinguished international office and retail occupiers.


We set the grounds of each partnership on integrity, commitment, professionalism, and team spirit. We become part of the buildings we handle and team up with our Clients, turning their success into our philosophy. Our competitive edge resides in the seamless integration of internal and external resources, for the successful completion of our Client’s goals.


We provide tailored technical support to streamline workflows, integrate communications and save unnecessary construction and operational costs. Our company uses certified international software for cost & project management services, as well as for day-to-day building maintenance & facility management.


The fast-paced world of technology is leading to unprecedented globalization of knowledge, therefore enabling international teams to work together, share information, and optimize results. Vitalis Consulting prides itself to be a local member of some of the most acknowledged construction & real estate industry associations, guiding its practice by the latest building quality & sustainability benchmarks.


Your vision is global, and so are your goals, but your construction projects are fundamentally connected to their location, and, therefore, they require particular focus during building, refurbishment, or fit-out. Keep a close eye on your business goals, while our local team deals with the specific aspects of your project. At the same time, get valuable insights and construction market updates, through our tailored research.


Vitalis Consulting boasts a senior, multi-disciplinary professional team, trained within International Project Management Markets and constantly assisted by the wide experience and qualifications of its principals. Our team includes:• Civil Engineering Project Managers • M&E Project Managers • Trained Quantity Surveyors • Chartered Architect • Experienced Site Managers.


Construction Project & Cost Management services are at the heart of our company. Nevertheless, working closely with our Clients throughout the past years has led us to the development of an exclusive range of complementary services, ultimately ensuring the most beneficial methods are employed to deliver the best results.


We thrive in building lasting relationships, by providing our Clients with solid support and helping them achieve long-term success with their buildings. Our business partners’ portfolio includes investors, developers, municipal authorities, banks, and commercial and industrial corporations.


• Internationally certified • Regionally awarded • Fully ensured/warrantedThese are the three features that best describe our recognition in the construction market and endorse us as a skillful, competitive & sustainable partner.