Building Trust for Future Generations: Vitalis Consulting is an official partner of ConstructFEST 2023

One of our core values here at Vitalis is centered on our team. More than 100 extraordinary engineers and construction professionals are forming the recently recognized Best Construction Management Team in Southeastern Europe, bringing to life outstanding projects from all sectors and industries with loyalty and devotion.

Having in mind this core value and the importance of building opportunities for future generations of engineers, we were more than happy to accept the invitation to participate in the 5th edition of the ConstructFEST event, as official partners.

ConstructFEST is one of the most important European construction events designed for actual and future students, taking place at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest on 24-28 April 2023.

The event gathers some of the key actors in the Romanian Construction and Real Estate market, offering students the chance to meet companies’ representatives, learn more about job opportunities, internships, and much other important information about a future career in the Construction field.

Moreover, the participants can attend exclusive workshops and round tables with some of the most interesting topics in the market and guided tours of the university campus and laboratories.

Our stand is welcoming the students with fun activities and the opportunity to learn more about a Construction Manager’s responsibilities and tasks. Topics such as sustainability, digitalization in construction, innovative projects, and initiatives are also on the table for discussion.

This is not the first time the Vitalis team is participating in such initiatives for future construction professionals. For a few years now we are offering internships to students helping them have a solid start in their careers.