Building trust in sustainability—New developments in Green Energy sectors

Over the past years, we have witnessed unprecedented climate changes that oblige us to take sustainable measures in the fight to protect the environment. This is a role that we must be aware of, and our involvement is needed.

The construction sector has already become environmentally friendly, and we, as main actors, continue to find the best methods to reduce any form of pollution. Vitalis Consulting has a large portfolio in Green Energy projects that made us express our commitment in creating a better future. Wind parks, also known as wind farms, proved their efficiency in providing clean and sustainable alternatives when producing electricity. These kinds of projects offer several benefits to both the environment and society. In May 2024 we were proud to become part of such a project in partnership with Eximprod Grup. Our collaboration started in 2023 when working together for developing two photovoltaic parks, one in Ciorani (Prahova) and one in Stalpu (Buzau). This new wind park is located in Cudalbi (Galati) and consists in a new electrical station of 110/33 kV (divided into a connection station and a user station). It benefits of a cable network 33 kV and it develops over a 12 kilometers route. Alike other parks, the project in Cudalbi will become part of the acceleration engine towards a green energy.

Vitalis team relies on involvement in sustainability projects, and we insist on applying all possible methods of reducing the carbon footprint, so common in the construction sector. The experience we accomplished in Green Energy projects make us supportive and we are continuing our involvement in this journey. Together, we can build a brighter future!