NN Lease

NN Group is an international financial services company, active in 11 countries, with a strong presence in a number of European countries and Japan. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, with a rich history of more than 175 years. NN Lease SRL is a supplier authorized by the Institute of Financial Studies (ISF) for the organization of three types of professional training courses in the e-learning system.

Letter of recommendation from NN Lease

One of the reasons for which we recommend Vitalis Consulting for all construction management services is that it has been customi8zed to our needs, costs, specifications, and schedule. We faced challenges every single step, but we finally confirm that it was the most exciting project.

Costi Ruse, Facility Manager

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NN Lease

Fit-out Project for NN Lease offices of 4100 sq. m total area, in Opera Center 1 office building

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