Changes in the law regarding the fire safety approval

Following the latest events that occurred in our country, Romanian authorities have brought changes in the law of fire safety approval / authorization. For the categories of buildings and spaces which should be treated with special attention in terms of fire risk, the normative act is considering also smaller areas with specific functions, for example 100 sq. m for public spaces arranged in the basement, semi-basement or attic, 150 sq. m spaces for education, supervision, care or shelter children, pupils, students, senior citizens, persons with disabilities / homeless or 200 sq. m for spaces bound for trade, located in collective residential buildings.

Another change in normative act stipulates the exemption from approving on fire safety for certain buildings, installations or temporarily facilities, which are subject to direct authorization regarding fire safety, given that the stage of authorization in these situations can ensure the sufficient exercise of verification for fire safety compliance.

Adopting the new measures, the authorities have pursued the decrease of bureaucracy, lowering the administrative costs for certain economic operators, but also decrease the number of applications and implicitly the period for issuing the permit / authorization, without all these issues to reduce the level of security.

Due to the activity profile and the experience gained from various developed projects, Vitalis Consulting offers consulting and support in the process of obtaining the fire safety permit / authorization. According to the needs of each economic operator and the characteristics of buildings or facilities, Vitalis Consulting grant assistance in verification, preparation, expertise and submission of the necessar y documentations until the competent authorities for issued the permit / authorization for fire safety.

Though the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) recorded a 45% increase in the number of applications for issuing permits / authorizations fire safety compared to the same period last year, it remains a considerable number of economic operators who do not yet obtained their permits / authorization.

Drinks Before Home, 22nd of September 2016, sponsored by Vitalis Consulting

On the 22nd of September Vitalis Consulting had the pleasure to be once again host of the monthly event Drinks Before Home, organized by Roberts Publishing company.

The event was located at Diplomat Club (2 Bucuresti Ploiesti Avenue, 1st district Bucharest). This restaurant enjoys a special location, a historical building in a quiet area near Herastrau Park.

Establish in Romania since 2006, DBH event was sponsored by our company each year starting with 2011, in order to create a suitable framework for a relaxing evening of dinner and some drinks, as well as for conversation about real estate topics and many other activities in their area of interest.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to our invitation, honoring us with their presence at this event.

Trends in the evolution of the economic activity in the period September—November 2016

According to the estimates of September 2016, there will be a moderate decrease in the production volume of the construction activity for the next three months (balance -6%). Managers forecast a relative stability in the number of employees (balance -4%).

As to the prices of construction works, a relative stability is forecasted (balance 0%). In the retail trade sector, managers estimated a downward trend in the economic activity for the next three months (balance -26%). Decrease is forecasted in the volume of orders placed by the trade units to the suppliers of goods (balance -17%).

Employers forecast a moderate decrease in the number of employees (balance -14%) for the next three months. For the next period, managers of the trade companies estimate a moderate decrease of the retail prices (balance -15%). According to the estimates of September 2016, the demand for services (turnover) will register a moderate growth for the next three months (balance +10%). The services sector shows a relative stability in the number of employees (balance +4%).

According to the business tendency survey of September 2016, managers from the manufacturing industries forecast moderate growth of the production volume (balance +14%) for the next three months.

For the prices of the industrial products, a relative stability is forecasted for the next three months (balance +1%). The balance indicates the perception of the companies’ managers over the dynamics of a phenomenon, which should not be seen as the intensity of increase or decrease of the statistical indicator value.

(Source: National Institute of Statistics—

Sibiu real—estate overview

In 2007, the city was designated the European Capital of Culture, an event that made it more popular to foreign investors. The city of Sibiu is part of the IV Pan European corridor that connects the Black Sea with the border of Hungary.

The Sibiu Office Market has a relatively new history of around 5 years, with substantial development happening between 2011 – 2015. The modern office stock is estimated at 50,000 sq. m of class A and B, which is equivalent to almost 2.1% of the Bucharest office stock – with 22% of Bucharest’s population. In terms of development, in Sibiu there are 2 office buildings with a gross rentable area bigger than 12,000 sq. m, while the majority of the office buildings have a rentable area which varies between 1,000 – 5,000 sq. m.

For the next period there are under construction and announced projects of over 20,000 sq m in the semi-central and periphery areas, all developed by local entrepreneurs/local private investors, speculatively. Sibiu county has a well-established industrial cluster more than 100 foreign manufacturing companies are based in the newly created industrial parks and industrial areas.

Lately foreign industrial developers were not present in Sibiu market, the recent land acquisition done by WDP and CTP near Sibiu confirms the late high interest coming from production companies.