Vitalis Consulting has received a new nomination for The Best Project Management Company of the Year!

Vitalis Consulting has been an active player in the Construction market since 2006. During these years, we went through all phases of development – as a team, a company, and a partner. Our expertise in project management has grown considerably from year to year. Over time, we have achieved the success of being considered professionals in the field, but more than that, of being recognized as leaders in the market. Vitalis Consulting is a company that grew step by step and behind which stand years of work, studies, devotion, and seriousness. The first years were very important because we tried to improve ourselves and to be able to offer impeccable services. And we did it!

As #BuildingTrust is our motto, we truly believe that all of these would not have been possible without trust. We have a major trust for our team, and we know that their involvement will be at maximum levels in any project. Trust in our partners is also a special element in our success. We give and receive trust, and that’s how we create performance.

Now, when we look back, we are quite satisfied with all the history we have created, with all the projects we have been involved in and with all the partnerships we have formed. And a major satisfaction is when our work and that of our colleagues is recognized. Every year we are proud to be nominated as The Best Project Management Company of the Year.

In 2023 we won this award for the first time. It was a huge accomplishment in our portfolio, and we were thrilled to receive such recognition.

This upcoming month we will attend the SEE Real Estate Gala and will be enthusiastic to meet the most active developers, investors and professionals operating in the sector. We are looking forward to hear the new perspectives, plans and experiences of colleagues in this area. We have immense respect for all participants and nominees, as well as for the organizers that give us this opportunity to gather us all.