Vitalis Consulting – member of RPIA, Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association

The RPIA Association has been established recently by a group of exceptional specialists in RES-E advisory and endeavors to represent the interests of all the investors engaged in developing PV facilities for RES-E production in Romania. Vitalis Consulting is a member of RPIA Association, whose launching event takes place today, 22th of May 2012.

Currently, Romania is facing extraordinary development in RES-E production facilities, as its RES-E support scheme based on green certificates (“GCs”) is viewed by the investors as one of the most favorable in Europe. Specially, among all the technologies qualifying for the GCs support scheme, solar PV is granted with the most GCs for each MWh produced in RES-E production facilities.

RPIA – The Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association, represents the link between investors involved in the PV industry and the relevant decision makers active in renewable sector from Romania. RPIA’s goal is to provide its members with accurate information of the RES-E market in Romania, pertaining to solar PV and also coagulate their concern in order to raise a strong and effective stand on the future development of solar PV in Romania. As member of RPIA, Vitalis Consulting sustains the solar PV industry and the present support scheme.