With a history of over 27 years, Expo Market Doraly is a renowned developer of commercial premises, warehouses, and offices, located on both sides of DN2 in Afumati, Ilfov. Developed on an area of ​​280,000 sqm on both sides of DN2 in Afumati, Ilfov, Doraly Expo Market has 850 commercial spaces in 36 pavilions with a total leasable area of ​​over 97,000 sqm and approximately 4,000 parking spaces, including parking underground.

Letter of recommendation from Doraly

The performance of the entire Vitalis team has been exemplary; they practice good time management and efficiently used human resources in order to achieve full-time supervision on site. The budget and work schedules were closely supervised and updated as necessary. Due to day-to-day presence on site, they remedied problems as they occur.

Iulia Urda, Doraly Expo Market

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Doraly Expo Market – Warehouse, Wholesale & Supply

The construction of a 50,000 sq. m warehouse, wholesale and supply with ground floor

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