Moldova Center

Moldova Center responds to a wide shopping target, including current and potential clients, who look for purchases and socializing and want the ultimate trend while enjoying quality product acquisition. The project offers banking, fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, supermarket (Billa), pharmaceuticals, electronics, house keeping and coffee shops for spending quality time.

Letter of recommendation from Moldova Center

By this letter, we want to thank Vitalis once again for the professionalism shown during the project, when they provided Project and Cost Management Services, Site Management Services, Site Inspection and Health & Saefty Services as well. The cooperation between Vitalis and Rivium Galeria Mall was crowned with success through the timely completion of the project

Gabriel Vasile, Administrator, Rivium Galeria Mall and Daniela Parlea, General Director, Rivium Galeria Mall

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Moldova Center

The 6-Storey building was restored and adapted to be used for offices and commercial spaces. The 17,000 sq. m project consisted of the interior refurbishment…

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