Oscar Downstream

Oscar Downstream is an Alfa Group company, a one hundred percent Romanian group that brings together a wide range of companies from various fields.

The OSCAR portfolio includes the diesel supply by different distribution channels: en-gross sales, OSCAR DIESELpoint in-house fueling stations, and OSCAR fleet cards, completed by integrated services adapted to the specifics of each industry and each customer. In time we completed our portfolio with gasoline, bitumen, and lubricants.

Letter of recommendation from Oscar Downstream

We are pleased to note that the team of Vitalis Consulting is specialized for all its branches, including structural and construction experts, environmental engineers, costs experts, and health and safety consultants, all of them provided their services during our collaboration.

Oscar Downstream

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Eminescu 108-112 Office Building

The full coordination of the construction works for the development of an 12.000 sq. m class-A office building with 2U+GF+E+6-7F.

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