Dr. Tomescu Villa Restoration: Bringing Back To Life Over 160 Years Of History Under Vitalis’s Supervision

Dr. Tomescu Villa, the historical monument located in the heart of Bucharest, is currently revived under the Vitalis team’s close supervision, becoming a new stunning Class-A office building with great accessibility and remarkable features.

Ideally located at no. 17 Gheorghe Manu General Street in the 1st District of Bucharest, the villa was built in 1862 as the residence of the famous pediatrician doctor Toma Tomescu, professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bucharest. After more than 160 years, the building is now being restored by Prisum Real Estate, aiming to become a brand-new modern office building in the heart of the city with a total area of about 1600 square meters and an approximately 1100 sq. m leasable office space.

Featuring an impressive architectural style while preserving the historical monument’s essence, the building will enrich Bucharest’s office landscape providing future tenants with working spaces enhanced for employees’ well-being and productivity.

Dr. Tomescu Villa benefits from great accessibility due to its exclusive setting, being only 50 m away from the nearest bus station and 400 m from the nearest metro station.

Our involvement in this astonishing landmark restoration began in November 2022, when the Vitalis team was appointed by Prisum Real Estate to provide Project and Cost Management services and Quality Supervision of the restoration works. Vitalis and Prisum have a history of successful collaborations, as our team has also handled the fit-out project for Prisum Healthcare offices from the Globalworth Square office building and the fit -out works for the Cernica warehouse, providing Project and Cost Management, Site Management, and Health and Safety Coordination.