Project Monitoring Services provided by Vitalis Consulting

Vitalis Consulting offer complete services of project management, but also other specialized services, such as Safety Control, Cost Control, Civil Engineering, Site Inspection, Energy Certification, Fit-Out Services and also Monitoring Project Services. The project Monitoring services are, usually, provided for financing institutions (banks) that give financing credits to developers in order to build or finish a construction and need an objective institution to evaluate and monitor the project’s progress, results and costs.

The Project Monitors takes care that the project is realized within time and money frame and issue reports to the bank with the results and the work status. The monitoring presents a detailed description of the investment already made up to the date of the draw-up of the Report and highlights any delays from the project schedule, and, if case, makes          considerations concerning of the causes and effects of these delays. The Project Monitor values all the works completed by the respective date and confirms that they are compliant with the specifications of the Technical Report and with the Construction Authorization, outlining and commenting on any inconsistencies.

We are proud to provide Bank Monitoring Services within many important projects around the country and from  Bucharest. Among the projects from all over the country include the following: Promenada Shopping Center  Sibiu – 5.000 sq. m, Tomis Nord Residential  – 2 Towers – Constanta  10,200 sq. m , Green Hills Residential – Piatra Neamt 33.760 sq. m, Galassini Oradea – Industrial Park and Offices 20.000 sq. m, Dialysis Center – 5 locations      Nefromed 5,000 sq. m, Tractorul Brasov Residential 3,500 sq. m, APAN Showroom Iasi 2,700 sq. m . And also in Bucharest such as: HBC 2 –  Bucharest 38,800 sq. m, Park Inn Hotel – Bucuresti 15,000 sq. m, Natiunile Unite       Residence 5.140 sq. m, Radiology Center Otopeni 2.032 sq. m, Hotel      Mercure – Bucharest 6,000  sq. m, Monolitului Residential 6,000 sq. m,   Primaverii Residential Building 2,300 sq. m, and many other projects.

“Following the successful cooperation with Vitalis Consulting for the  monitoring services of our investments in offices, commercial and medical projects developed up to date in Romania, we would like to take this opportunity to express on behalf of Bank Cyprus our appreciation to the  entire project monitoring team.” Said RaduCondrea – Relationship Manager.