Amethyst Radiology Therapeutic Center


Amethyst – Bucharest Center began operations in September 2012. Currently the only radiotherapy center in Romania for radiation treatments in IMRT-VMAT, the newest and efficient solution for the treatment of cancer.

The site is located on 42 Drumul Odai Street, Otopeni City, with main auto and pedestrian access from Drumul Odai Street.

The development consists of a 2,100 sq m radiology medical therapeutic center with height characteristics of Ground Floor + 1st Floor. The all project provide a comprehensive range of facilities and amenities: radiotherapy area, CT and ortovoltaj bunker area, personnel area; policlinic areas and the emergency area (pre-examination and medical evaluation rooms), reception area, administrative area; auxiliary services areas; technical area. The building areas are ranked from clean area to dirty area, from areas designated to medical activities to auxiliary areas.




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