Safety, health and wellness as a top priority: Vitalis team has moved to a new headquarters with double working space

Over the last year we all had to reinvent the way we work and behave, in order to adapt to the new conditions imposed by the pandemic. We reconfigured the work procedures, we took all the safety and protective measures both at the office and on the construction sites and we managed to quickly accustom and to continue our work at the same quality level as before.

The pandemic has taught us how important it is to have strict rules of social distancing to protect the health of our colleagues, collaborators and partners and this has become a top priority for Vitalis Consulting.

Therefore, at the beginning of March 2021, we made the decision to move to a larger headquarters and double our working space.

Double working space for Vitalis team near Kiseleff Park in Bucharest

Our new headquarter is ideally located at 8 Stefan Burcus Street, in Bucharest, Aviatorilor area, at less than 10 minutes walking distance from Aviatorilor metro station and at only 9 minutes walking distance from Kiseleff Park.

Vitalis new home is in a large villa with a garden intended only for Vitalis team, as an exclusive tenant, with a total area of ​​450 square meters, compared to approx. 200 square meters as was our old headquarters on no. 175 Calea Floreasca Street.

The villa is a recently renovated building designed in the specific architectural style of the city area, with modern yet classic interiors and important features that will provide a better workplace for our over 80 professionals.

Safety, Health and Wellness as a top priority for Vitalis Consulting

A larger workspace comes with a lot of benefits for the efficiency and productivity of our team and that’s what we followed when we made the decision to expand the Vitalis headquarters.

The proximity to Kiseleff Park gives us more fresh air and the opportunity to take outdoor walks during office breaks. Also, the garden in the courtyard of the villa is a perfect space for a coffee break and socializing, and being single tenant building offers us safety, protection and flexibility in using the workspace.

The villa’s positioning and double working space give us access to plenty of natural light. In addition, our new home is also equipped with an office relaxation area where our team can recharge, designed to increase the overall productivity and to reduce stress level.

We are all still going through a quite challenging period but the important fact is to always find the best solutions to improve the way we work. Vitalis team did not stop for a moment from Building Trust and we are determined to make the best out of 2021. We will do that from our new larger headquarters, managing the new great projects that entered our portfolio this year.