Vitalis Consulting finalized Lakeview Office Building in Bucharest, acting as Cost Manager for AIG

AIG/Lincoln, in partnership with BSGS (former Fabian Capital Ltd) delivered its first project on the local market: Lakeview Office, an A-Class office building with 24,000 sqm lease area, located in North of Bucharest, Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard.

The Lakeview Office Building includes 2 buildings, one with 8 floors + technical floor and the other with 14 floors + technical floor, with 4 underground parking levels. Vitalis Consulting acted as Cost Manager within the project, advising on the contract conditions for the main construction items, preparing and monitoring tender packages for the various works, as well as offering continuous cost advice on different aspects of the project. The project started on the 7th of October 2009 and ended in June 2010. The Cost Manager on the Lakeview project was our colleague Mihaela Nichitelea. Mihaela joined our team in 2007 and has over 2 years experience on cost management projects.