Vitalis News Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Just about this time a year ago, while surveying the local construction market landscape, I thought it might be an interesting time to try my hand at a subscriber newsletter. Little did I know about just how interesting this first year would turn out to be.

Looking back, I am quite pleased with how business evolved. It incorporates a much broader range of subjects, including global and macroeconomic themes. Our mission for this informative newsletter is to bring the most useful, up-to-date and reliable lead-free information to readers. This includes, but is not limited to, valuable process information, technical lead-free articles related to current issues and review of market condition.

Looking ahead, I hope that in the second year our newsletter will continue to serve as a useful guide to this important and dynamic industry. In the meantime, I invite you to uncover the story of Vitalis Consulting.
Thanks again to all who have encouraged and supported our efforts.

Florin Popa
Managing Partner