Established in 2004, Adama is a leading property developer in South-Eastern Europe that focuses on new residential construction in Romania.

In addition to residential construction projects in that country, the company also develops office and commercial projects and is active in Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia and Moldavia.

Letter of recommendation from Adama

All of Vitalis Consulting team managed to perform at high level of profesionalism, including, but not limited to: Project Managers, Site Managers, Cost Managers, Consultants, Site Inspectors, and Assistants.. Their tailor-made services have proven to be the right solution to our needs...

Moshe Solomon, Chief Engineer for Romania

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Copou Bellevue

Full coordination of the construction works for the development of the Copou Bellevue residential compound, located in Iasi.

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Evocasa Selecta

Evocasa Selecta is a 12,500 sq m exclusive residential project in the center of Bucharest, located near the Fire Tower, only a few minutes from…

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Evocasa Armonia

EvocasaArmoniais a residential tower building located in the heart of Titan area, on 3 – 11 Ion Agarbiceanu Street, District 3, Bucharest. The 46,320 sq…

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Evocasa Optima – Phase II

Evocasa Optima building B residential project, consists of 11-storey modern building, located in the South-East area of the City, on Fetesti Street, District 3. The…

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Evocasa Orizont

Evocasa Orizont is a unique neighborhood, comprised of 156 residential units, a modern, upscale ensemble just outside the city. The project consists of four 4-storey…

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Evocasa Viva

Evocasa Viva is located on 4 Stejarului Street, Braşov in a green area, with a mountain view and near Noua Lake. The 12,620 sq m…

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